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Apply now to serve a month at Elevate Camps in Northern California 

Elevate offers interns a variety of experiences while serving at camp.  A week of counseling a small group of campers, running camp programs for three weeks and building relationships with church leaders and our team.  


 Summer internship sessions are typically the month of July. 



 An internship with Elevate Camps is designed to utilize each intern’s gifts and talents and help them explore God’s calling in their lives.  Interns will have the opportunity to experience student and camp ministry while developing leadership skills.  Each intern will gain experience and serve God in a structured and accountable environment.  



We desire to use the Internship program as a ministry that will effectively enable us to evangelize a lost generation, encourage local pastors and youth pastors, and engage our participants in camp ministry both now and for the rest of their lives.




Check out our website, pictures, and videos Here.  Catch a glimpse of what our ministry looks like. 

Reach out via email below and set up a time for you to interview us.  We would be thrilled to meet you and answer your questions via phone, email, zoom, or whatever works best for you.  



Fill  out and send in the Internship Application  


Once accepted consider rallying support. This is optional but we recommend sending a letter and asking those who support you to join your team.  Ask them to pray for your ministry and if you choose, to help you financially.  Finances will go directly to your travel and expenses incurred during your time with Elevate.  Elevate will not keep any of these finances they will go to you to use for your needs while serving with us.  A sample letter and ideas are available on our forms page.  

Former Interns 


I had the privilege of serving, along with four others from my home state of Georgia, as an Elevate Camps intern during the summer of 2014. 

Growing up attending a church camp near home every summer, I look back on many of those literal mountaintop experiences every summer as huge spiritual milestones that shaped a lot of my faith. 

God has a unique way of working in the lives of middle and high schoolers through the friendships and experiences that only come out of a week at camp. This was a lot of what drew me to Elevate, and something that the experience showed me in a ton of new ways, whether that was indirectly while helping facilitate behind the scenes, or firsthand as a counselor during scholarship camp – likely the week I was taken most out of my comfort zone, but also probably the most memorable one, too. I also learned a lot along the way about a new part of the country, took away countless lessons about teamwork, got introduced to Spikeball, took plenty of lumps as a 3-on-3 basketball official, and ate some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. 

It was really cool to see the passion and enthusiasm the Elevate team has for their calling to reach new generations for Christ through camp ministry and life-on-life discipleship, and the couple months I got to be a part of the work the Lord is doing through them was an unforgettable experience.

Clay Reynolds 

“Elevate was a great experience and I loved getting to know the kids and watching them be led toward Christ. Elevate taught me the importance of good youth groups and the impact that it has on kids at that age. This camp is truly making a difference in this world and would highly recommend for anyone who is looking to grow and help spread the love of God!”     Tanner Smith


“I spent the summer as an intern during my freshman year of college, and I don’t underestimate when I say it was the best thing I did in my college career! The people you meet and the kids you get to hang out with are incredible. The lord really moves through this camp and it was so amazing to be there and witnessing it all firsthand. I learned so much about myself and about serving through working at Elevate that I continue to use and grow in my walk with the lord now- I highly recommend coming to serve here this summer!!”

   Erin Borders

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