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July News (page 2)

In October we have planned two weekend retreats called “Endless Summer.” Please pray with us that by October we will be able to host overnight camps. We have moved ahead with measured confidence, but as you know, the future is always uncertain. This camp option to middle and high school students has been well received but registration is understandably slow. We hope to see stability within these Covid times soon. It would be such a blessing to be able to host students at camp this year.

The 24th annual Redding 3on3 Tournament is scheduled for September 12 & 13 at the Redding Civic Center. This event usually draws 1200 participants of all ages. This is a service to the community and will help raise funds for Unite Environmental Camp. Redding Chevy is sponsoring the event and will be giving two local sports programs $2,500 at the 3point shoot out on Saturday. In addition, someone will get the opportunity to compete to win a Chevy Trail Boss 4x4. We are looking forward to getting back outside and playing basketball.

Many have asked if we will be able to conduct environmental camps for schools in the era of Covid 19. The answer is uncertain. We would love to get this program running for north state students. There is a possibility that we could conduct them in the fall as a “day camp” experience. Day camps are currently permitted if conducted according to the guidance provided by CDC. We would like to provide the overnight experience that makes camp so much fun, but if schools wish to choose a day camp option we will work to make this available to them.

We really appreciate the notes and prayer requests that are sent in each month. You are a great encouragement to our team. There is no way to truly express how grateful we are. We continue to look for creative ways to reach a lost generation in the midst of these uncertain times. We know that Jesus is always the right answer to life’s trials. Rather then lament the loss of traditional ministry, we are looking for ways to be effective ambassadors of God’s love in new ways. Pray with us for a great awakening in our country!

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