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Elevate is on the verge of acquiring a permanent home for our ministry. Lassen Pines has expressed a sincere interest in entrusting its stewardship to Elevate.

Our vision is to expand our camp and retreat programs, allowing us to have a greater impact on a generation that is in desperate need of the life saving message of the gospel. With your support, Elevate can turn this vision into reality and ensure that Lassen Pines continues to be a beacon of hope and faith for decades to come. 



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There is something special about getting up in the mountains, away from all the noise and stresses of life.  Studies have shown that a week of camp is equivalent to six months of youth ministry.  In terms of building relationships between leaders and students and between the camper and God there is nothing as powerful as a week at camp.  Elevate is witness to just how effective the camp setting is to presenting the gospel message to a lost generation. Each year we see hundreds of first time decisions as the good news is clearly presented.  

Lassen Pines has summer capacity of 450.  It boasts both a fishing and swimming lake as well as a recreation field and several meeting locations.  One of our favorite places to meet is an amphitheater located at the lower lake.  Reflection Circle is hallowed ground for many. Morning worship and campfire meetings surrounded by pines and reflections off the waters of the lake make this a very special place. 

Over the years thousands have responded to the still quiet voice of God through the preaching of the word of God at this place.  Slowing down and taking in the majesty of God's creation in an increasingly fast paced world full of voices vying for our attention makes the camp experience so powerful. 

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Elevate hosted it's first week of camp in 2009.  Over the last 14 years God has filled our four weeks of camp in the month of July.  This includes a scholarship week of camp we call Project Send.  Project Send hosts 60 to 100 students each year.  This free camp focuses on unchurched students from low income homes.  It is one of the most effective and meaningful camp weeks of the year.  

Elevate now reaches over 1200 students each summer from over 50 different churches.  Coming alongside youth pastors and youth workers to allow them to minister to their students is at the core of our philosophy of camp.  Utilizing all the fun and activities of camp we set the stage for a clear presentation of God's word.  Each year hundreds of lives are changed through acceptance of God's gift of salvation and his invitation to life in Him.  

Our team also introduced Unite Camps.  This environmental outdoor camp is in its fourth year providing Shasta County students with an overnight educational camp experience.  We are serving nearly 1200 students in the spring and fall of each year. 

It has been apparent for some time that the next step is to operate the camp facility in order to accommodate  future growth and expand the reach of our ministry.  Our team has already served as staff and volunteer staff over the years at Lassen Pines.  We all share a love and history with this place.  Elevate's familiarity with the grounds and operations gives us a distinct advantage in taking over the stewardship of Lassen Pines. 

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You can make a difference for generations to come.  Would you prayerfully consider how you can contribute to helping us reach this goal? Your support, whether through financial contributions or by sharing our need with those in your network, will play a crucial role in securing Lassen Pines for future ministry. Our team are looking to sit down and meet with small and large donors over the next three months. 

 Securing Lassen Pines for future ministry will require us to raise a down payment to start.  We are encouraged by the pledges that have been made in the first two weeks of sharing this need.   A pledge will allow us to confidently move forward and all donations will proceed once we enter escrow.  

To arrange a meeting or call please reach out to our office. or call 530-406-9027

What Pastor's say about the ministry of Elevate

Message from Jeff Breshears 

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