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Focus of a Child - Costa Rica


Upcoming campaign will raise funds and awareness for the “Focus of a Child” program that will give underprivileged children in Grecia, Costa Rica, a voice and the freedom to think, dream and achieve.


Focus of a Child aims to send a group of photographers to Grecia, Costa Rica. There, the photographers will work with a group of children to train them in a creative outlet to channel the realities of their surroundings. 


“Not only will we be teaching the children, we will also be training the missionaries at The Omega Task mission to be able to continue this project,” said the Focus of a Child team. “We believe the arts have a way of grabbing hold of a child and giving them a creative outlet, an escape, a voice.”


Focus of a Child will benefit students, especially girls, by giving them a creative, engaging experience that encourages them to stay in school. While education is full of rote academia and memorization that can become dull for students, Focus of a Child wants to engage students and give them the freedom to think, dream, and achieve.


We will also be putting on a “Help Portrait” event. During this event we will be making family portraits for those that have never had access to having one made, we will print in site and present the families with this keepsake. Help Portrait events have taken place around the globe for years and the stories that have come back are amazing. We look to continue this beautiful tradition of photographers giving back.


Through the Focus of a Child project, we hope to raise money to provide needed equipment for the children. We still have cameras from past programs but need mew SD cards, the right power cords, a printer to be purchased in Costa Rica, photo paper, inks, and other accessories. 


The trip will take place on May 12 - 18, 2023. The photographers attending are doing so on their own finances. Please consider helping to share the extra costs of the program, and in doing so becoming a valuable member of the FOAC team. Thank you for your support of this project.

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Elevate is happy to act as a sending agency for Focus of a Child. 

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