Due to the uncertainty as a result of constantly changing pandemic guidance Elevate has decided to proactively plan for an alternate camp experience in the event that our traditional camp facility cannot operate.  To be clear we still see a path for camp at Lassen Pines.  The CDC has added overnight organized camps to the "tier system"  starting June 1st.  However, they have not released the modifications they will require to operate.  

Rather than wait until the last minute we have booked group campgrounds at Shasta Lake.  With limited capacity and outdoor tent camping, we can ensure a safe and incredible summer camp experience. 

If you are registered already, you can choose a session and have your backup plan in place.  Send an email or call and we will reserve your space.  











Plan B will be a 4 day 3-night camp

Arrival at 4 pm and departure at 10 am

The cost will be $250 for campers and $150 for counselors

Activities will include tubing, water ski, wakeboard, blob, paddleboard, and onshore games. 

We hope to have clear direction from the local health officials this month.  We will update you as soon as we do.  




JULY 13-16

JULY 19-22

JULY 22-25

We are continuing to plan for camp at Lassen Pines in our normal weeks.  To register your group or as an individual follow the link below. 

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